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From StarfinderWiki
Type Magical beast
CR 1/3
Environment Any forests (Nakondis)

Source: The Reach of Empire, pg(s). 57

Hobgars are a species of small simians native to the planet Nakondis.[1]


Hobgars have large eyes, wide, flat noses, wide mouths, two rows of teeth and short blue and brown fur, which is thickest on the upper body. Their fingers and toes are long, dexterous and opposable. Their bones, including their skulls, can be folded to fit into narrow spaces. Most hobgars are 2 feet long and weigh 8 pounds.[1]


Hobgars are immune to electricity and can store the ambient electrical charge of Nakondis' atmosphere in specialised skin cells and communicate by modulating this energy to wave their fur. They can also discharge short-range electric jolts, but lose this ability if taken away from Nakondis for more than 24 hours.[1]

Hobgars draw water from the ambient moisture with their noses. They are omnivorous and can eat a wide variety of foods, most often fruits and insects, while conductive metals are seen as a delicacy. They prefer dense forests, and are rarely seen outside.[1]

Hobgars live in packs of up to 20 that frequently interact and freely share information to each other. They never choose mates from their own packs. A female hobgar in labour will seek a warm shelter to give birth to live young, who spend their first hours consuming the object from within until they grow strong enough to burst out in electrical energy and survive the outside world.[1]

Rumour has it that the biggest hobgars can tower over treetops and live in the densest, most forbidding forests, but it has not been confirmed if these so-called hobgar kings are only the product of fanciful imagination or actually real but cunning enough to remain undetected.[2]


The fearless, curious hobgars are a constant pest to the colonists on Nakondis, frequently destroying, eating or stealing equipment, and communicating the location of their spoils to other hobgars, which can destroy an encampment in the span of weeks.[1][2]

Hobgars aren't aggressive and prefer fleeing to fighting, unless if mistreated or tending to their young. Attempts to domesticate them haven't been fruitful, as they are too headstrong and reluctant to be trained.[1]