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Type Outsider
(evil, extraplanar, lawful, velstrac)
CR 8
Environment Any (Shadow Plane)

Source: Heart of Night, pg(s). 60

Heretics are a type of heavily augmented velstracs who prefer to torture their victims via combat and disdain the consensual exchange of pain.[1]


Heretics resemble humanoids whose cybernetics seem to twist their flesh and split it in some places to reveal the bones under. Dark leather plates are grafted onto their skin, and an iron mask with eye holes is riveted onto their face. Heretics integrate their weapons into their bodies, usually a velstrac flenser replacing an arm and a laser rifle attached to a shoulder on a turret capable of shooting in all directions.[1]


Heretics consider consensual pain exchange to be the weakest form of torture due to the lack of danger involved, and prefer to engage in 'vital combat' with their victims. Because of this, other velstracs view heretics as crude, unsubtle and lacking finesse.[1]

Heretics are communal creatures, gathering in tight-knit bands and roaming the Shadow Plane for intruders to deliver pain. Once every few centuries, a velstrac demagogue will appear to a heretic platoon and charge them with the 'sacred' destruction and extermination of a Material Plane planet; such planets chosen are always inhabited by corrupted mortals who will become velstracs upon death.[1]