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Heicoron IV

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Heicoron IV
Type Planet
Diameter 2x
Mass 1/2x
Gravity 1/2x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 7-1/2 years
Day length (PST) 7 days
System Heicoron system
Inhabitants Woiokos

Source: Incident at Absalom Station, pg(s). 62

Heicoron IV is an ocean planet in the Heicoron system in Near Space. The only planet in its system to support life, it is home to the amphibious humanoids known as woiokos.[1]


98% of Heicoron IV's surface area is covered in water.[1]


Some time before the Gap, Heicoron IV's sun expanded. The planet warmed, melting the ice caps and drowning most of the planet's archipelagos, and with them the holdings of the woiokos.[1]

Heicoron IV was only recently discovered by explorers from the Pact Worlds.[1]


The main intelligent race of Heicoron IV is the woiokos. After the global flood, they have dabbled in genetic tinkering and divided themselves into two subraces: the Floatborn, who live above the water in floating arcologies, and the Deepborn, who adapted themselves to aquatic life and rebuilt their old homes, now on the sea bed. The two subraces have little contact with each other.[1]


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