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Halls of the Living

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Halls of the Living
World Eox
Demographics Non-undead creatures
Government Magical

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 94
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The Halls of the Living is a subterranean city located in the southern hemisphere of Eox, designed and maintained for a living population.[1]


The Halls of the Living is only maintained to serve as a backdrop in the cruel, invasive game and reality shows that are broadcast across the entire Pact Worlds system and serve as the primary entertainment on Eox. All citizens of the Halls of the Living are officially willing participants: children born within are brought to state-funded quarters in Urabron, and everyone is free to go, receiving a one-way ticket to Absalom Station in the process. Most participants are humans or vesk (who seem to enjoy the challenge); dwarves, elves, ysoki and lashuntas are also common; androids and kasathas are very rare. Undead serve as staff but are banned from participating themselves. A small community of living elebrians have resided in the Halls of the Living for centuries, but are whispered to be actually disguised undead or surgically-altered humans, and not descendants of those who survived Eox's destruction.[1]

Many other planets ban transmissions of the cruel shows within the Halls of the Living, but even the most depraved programs can be found in the dark corners of the infospheres of most Pact World cities. Although its existence is protested by many groups, the Halls of the Living is an entirely local issue and does not violate the Absalom Pact. Due to the potential fame and fortune that one can earn after just a few years, a long list of people are waiting to join the halls. Those with a significant fan base are allowed to skip deadlier shows and simply livestream their daily activities or skill-based game shows.[1]

The most famous promoter of the Halls of the Living is the charismatic, flamboyant host Zo![1]