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A half-elf.
Type Humanoid
(elf, human)
CR By class level
Environment Any
Adjective half-elf
Images of half-elves

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 509
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Half-elfs are a race of Golarion-native humanoids descended from humans and elves.[1]


Half-elves tend to be tall, slim like their elven parents, but can often pass for human by hiding their modestly pointed ears. Most half-elves stand from 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 feet tall and weigh 100–200 pounds. They're considered adults at 20 and naturally live up to 180 years.[1]

Most half-elves are half-human, except for a small population on Triaxus descended from the native ryphorians, who are curiously similar to half-elves of human parentage.[2]


Half-elves are often seen as exotic and never quite accepted by both humans and elves. This leads many half-elves to abandon both their parent races to befriend other half-elves or aliens without this prejudice. Since half-elves breed true, many of them have no firsthand knowledge of human or elven culture.[1]

Due to their elven blood, half-elves are welcome in Sovyrian, the elven homeland on Castrovel, though they are treated as second-class citizens, which has led to conflicts. Half-elves are also relatively common on Absalom Station, where many humans and elves work together. Predominantly half-elf settlements are rare and are mostly found just outside the terminator of Verces and the tropical extrasolar colony of Shanavan, which is specifically recruiting half-elves.[1]

Half-elves can adapt smoothly to alien mindsets. They have a particular affinity for groups treated as outsiders by mainstream society like androids, as well as for aliens like the shirrens who are different enough biologically to never focus on minor racial differences.[1]

Many half-elves are fond of wandering, with a strong desire to prove themselves, exploring new worlds in the Vast. Though their complicated relationship with their parent races makes them natural iconoclasts, they also tend toward kindness and understanding.[1]

Half-elves are fit for nearly any profession. Many have become operatives or soldiers for the Stewards, seeing in the enforcement of the Pact a chance to foster understanding and build a system-wide culture that no longer strands half-elven children between two worlds.[1]