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A gray.
Type Humanoid
CR By class level
Environment Any
Adjective gray

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 56
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Grays are an enigmatic and malevolent race of alien humanoids that exist out of phase with the Material Plane with a habit of abducting people.[1]


A gray is a humanoid with grey skin, long, willowy limbs and a bulbous head with oversized black eyes that show little emotion. Their movements and expressions appear disturbing and inhuman, and they frequently spend several seconds in deliberation before each move they make. A gray has the ability to become out of phase, allowing it to pass through obstacles.[1]


Telepathic contact with grays display a constant, unwavering malevolence. Grays seem to communicate with other grays using only telepathy, forgoing even body language or eye contact. A gray can probe the mind of a single intelligent, conscious, helpless creature it touches, and scan for answers to simple questions or for information on a general topic the subject knows.[1]


No one knows about the grays' homeworld, but reports of their unnerving abductions, nightmarish paralysis and mysterious experiments have been collected from countless worlds since before the Gap. Gray encounter stories often take the form of poorly remembered memories about being subjected to nightmarish experiments under clinically bright lights or confined in cramped, dark places. The subjects of all those stories have a few points in common: otherworldly presence, condescending interactions and sinister disregard for the agency and dignity of abductees.[1][2]

Grays seem to travel the univserse in search of knowledge and living specimens for research, yet little is known about their motivations and no efforts to establish diplomatic relations with them have succeeded. Abductees are almost always returned mostly unharmed, outside of the sudden appearance of scars or an inexplicable implant. Some scientists believe grays are preparing for an all-out invasion, while others posit they are simply curious but sate that curiosity in a disturbing way.[1]

Gray encounters have become disturbingly more common with the advent of Drift travel. From the Drift, gray ships appear seemingly out of nowhere to confront vessels with inattentive or unwary crews. These sleek, saucer-shaped ships are designed mostly for evading and subduing targets, employing tractor beams and EMP to disable and control a vessel, paralysing and taking crew as specimens. Survivors of three different VisTour space liner tragedies spread over four decades reported mysterious bulb-headed gray aliens manifesting moments before disaster struck.[1][2]