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Type Planet
Diameter 3x
Mass 1/3x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 600 days
Day length (PST) Varies by shard
Inhabitants Humans, orcs, fey

Source: Huskworld, pg(s). 49

Grascha is a geologically and magically anomalous planet strongly connected to the First World. Shattered by a Swarm invasion, it nonetheless survived, preserved by the fey magic that suffuses it.[1]


Grascha's pieces are bound together by fey magic inside a vast bubble of atmosphere. Transport between them is done by vehicles or magic.[1]


Grascha was once a hollow, dense planet of partially fused stones and crystals. Before the Gap, it was seeded with humans, orcs and numerous species of fey, including gremlins, satyrs and gerbies. The humans and orcs never learnt about their cousins living on other planets. Encouraged by the fey, the humans and orcs, instead of becoming enemies, established a unified, advanced society centred around cooperation. The Gap did relatively little damage to Grascha.[1]

After Triune revealed the Drift to the galaxy, the Graschani built a Drift beacon, and their first visitor was the Swarm. The Swarm shattered and devastated the planet, resulting in the birth of a calecor named Kograscha. Kograscha opened a portal to the First World, bringing forth a wild hunt to drive away the Swarm and nurturing fey to protect and heal the planet.[1]


Most of Grascha's inhabitants are half-orcs, alongside their human and orc cousins. The wild hunt had long departed, but the fey custodians remain. The Graschani live in harmony and prosperity, selling surplus food and minerals mined from their sky islands for offworld resources. Though peaceful and welcoming, they are protective of Grascha and its culture, and rebuff all colonisation or corporate interests on the planet. They resort to violence only when diplomacy fails. Illegal invaders have to contend with both the Graschani and their fey allies, under Kograscha's leadership.[1]


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