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Type Planet
Adjective Golarian[1]
System Pact Worlds system
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The planet Golarion once orbited the sun of the Pact Worlds system before suddenly disappearing. Its whereabouts are unknown, and all memories and records of the world across planes from the last several centuries have been lost for unknown reasons.[2][3][4] This lack of information on the planet and the missing centuries is known as the Gap.[5]


Golarion was once the third planet from the sun, located between the orbits of Castrovel and Akiton.[6][7]


Golarion was the prison of the god Rovagug and the location of the Starstone, an object capable of raising mortals to godhood.[8]


Golarion was the home world of many of the races found in the Pact Worlds system including humans, dwarves, and halflings.[8] Descendants of many of the races that inhabited Golarion, and perhaps some especially long-lived former inhabitants of the world, now live on Absalom Station.[7]

Current location

No one knows what happened to Golarion during the Gap, but all inquiries to gods and demons reveal that it still exists somewhere unreachable by magic, along with everyone that once lived on it. No further information on the subject has ever been revealed, but whether this is because the planar powers are not telling, or simply do not know Golarion's current location is unknown.[8]