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Ghorus Prime

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Ghorus Prime
Titles The Inheritance
Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 1 year
Day length (PST) 1 day
Inhabitants Ghorans

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 80

Ghorus Prime is a planet terraformed and claimed by the ghorans as their homeworld.[1]


Three-quarters of Ghorus Prime is covered in forests, punctuated by hundreds of island-sized kinwoods. The Fallows, a circle of barren rock, covers the rest of the surface. Ghorus Prime has no surface water; instead, the kinwoods regulate the atmosphere and create clouds by drawing from an immense aquifer. The entire planet's climate is that of a standard terrestrial planet.[1]


Ghorus Prime's government ensures good working conditions, wages and social programs, leaving people with ample free time.[1]


Prior to the Gap, Ghorus Prime was a barren, rocky world, the kinwoods left fallow and dormant despite their shared consciousness. When the ghorans left Golarion for space, they came upon this planet and employed both technology and magic to coax the kinwoods into life. Their starship-sized seeds were guided by the ghorans, growing into forests that cover nearly the entirety of the planet. As the ghorans saw the similarities between themselves and the kinwoods, they began to consider the planet their ancestral home and gave it the name Ghorus Prime.[1]


Ghorans make up most of Ghorus Prime's population. Despite their suspicions against outsiders, the ghorans recognise their importance in economy, and the number of immigrants to Ghorus Prime has increased since the Gap ended. Vesk sell arms and machinery, while vlakas seek to learn the ghorans' terraforming techniques to apply them to their own homeworld Lajok.[1]

Ghorus Prime's cities are built upon the branches of kinwoods and integrated with biotechnology. Many cities boast parks featuring fashionably-dressed inhabitants, living sculptures and polychromatic leaves that filter light into different 'tastes' for ghorans' photosynthesis.[1]

In some places in Ghorus Prime's wilderness, once-beneficial plants, like sparkjewel vines, are now choking and reclaiming abandoned cities. Some of the semi-intelligent plants that once served ghoran scientists have broken free from their masters and now roam the wilderness.[1]