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A ruined landscape on Gadravel.
Type Planet
Diameter 3/4x
Mass 3/4x
Gravity 1-1/3x
Atmosphere Thin
Year length (PST) 523 days
Day length (PST) 52 hours
Orbits Iolanchee
Inhabitants Undead

Source: The Chimera Mystery, pg(s). 62

Gadravel is the lone planet orbiting the star Iolanchee, a graveyard haunted by the unquiet dead.[1]


Ruined temples at the centre of several cities seem to be dedicated to deities associated with Iolanchee and Gadravel's four moons. Only one moon still orbits dangerously close to Gadravel, the rest having crashed into the planet, creating deep trench-like scars visible from space. Very little atmosphere remains, leaving Gadravel vulnerable to meteorites and comets.[1]


Gadravel's surface shows evidence of a terrible war: trenches and fortifications crisscrossing ancient battlefields, and the remnants of war engines littering the streets. No one knows if Gadravel's inhabitants fought each other or were conquered by someone else. Only obscure illustrations in ancient texts written in a strange, undecipherable script provide any clues to its lost history.[1]


Gadravel is haunted by undead resembling floating, alien skulls cloaked in darkness. They only seek to consume the life force of others and add them to their numbers, and have claimed a dozen research expeditions and countless explorers. Scavengers come for unclaimed technology or plunder, while pirates seek to shake off pursuing bounty hunters by hiding in abandoned cities. Those who quickly leave often escape with wealth or intriguing technology, while those who linger too long risk becoming one of the unquiet dead.[1]

For some reason, Gadravel's undead revere anyone wearing an aeon stone, and obey those with at least three as if they were a god. Many criminals across Near Space have learnt of this, and more and more ships are coming to Gadravel with malicious intent.[1]


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