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Fireside is a large, industrial bubble in the Burning Archipelago, connected to Dawnshore, Corona and Scintillatrix. It is home to large factories and the headquarters of corporations who run them.[1]


Many wealthy corporate officials and their workers make their homes in Fireside. Among the most notable corporations are NatuReal Compounds Ltd., which occupies a towering corporate block, and its namesake Fireside Foundry, a subsidiary of Automatrix Robotics staffed primarily by androids and anacites. One of the largest areas accessible to pedestrians in Fireside is the AbadarCorp Hypermarket, a series of wholesale stores.[2][3]

Fireside is home to a large number of premium restaurants catered to corporate executives, although low-cost food is also widely available, as not everyone is wealthy. Due to the amount of wealth in the district, security in numerous places around Fireside is very tight.[4]