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Executioners' Nest

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Executioners' Nest
Status Operational
Captains Silent Strike
Affiliation Lao Shu Po

Source: Heart of Night, pg(s). 48

The Executioners' Nest is a capital starship that roams the Shadow Plane and is used as an assassin training ground by followers of Lao Shu Po.[1]

Elder assassins use both direct observation and various divination methods to search for candidates across the Shadow and Material Planes alike, who are then invited to a rendezvous on the Shadow Plane. Those that manage to survive the journey and succeed in the following test are induced into the assassin clan, and subsequently attend routine seminars about the best practices for infiltration, poisoning, sabotage and undetectable murder. The Executioners' Nest rarely docks, and sometimes travel to other planes with its experimental shadow drive when there are missions important to Lao Shu Po's interests.[1]

The captain and most notorious assassin on the Executioners' Nest is the old, one-eyed ysoki Silent Strike. He takes only three students every six years, and his teaching regime is one of the most brutal ones known to Lao Shu Po's followers. At the end of their instruction, each student is given a final mission to assassinate their two classmates, and the survivor is allowed to return to their old life if they wish. Silent Strike possesses a near-empty leaking water barrel, and it is rumoured that when it finally empties, Silent Strike will orchestrate a contest between his surviving students to assassinate him, and the victor will be allowed to inherit both the Silent Strike title and the captaincy of the Executioners' Nest.[1]


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