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From StarfinderWiki
Type Humanoid
(endiffian, shapechanger)
Environment Any
Adjective endiffian

Source: The Reach of Empire, pg(s). 56

Endiffians are a race of humanoids with incredibly elastic and malleable bodies.[1]


Due to their elastic bodies, endiffians can change their appearances at a cellular level and modify individual cells to absorb or reflect light, producing a wide variety of colours; because of this, endiffians can take the shape of nearly any appropriately-sized humanoid, or mould their hands to suit any purpose.[1]

The flesh of old endiffians turn pale and brittle, cracks forming on the most frequently-reshaped portions. The average endiffian is 6 feet tall and weighs 280 pounds.[1]


Endiffians often become subterfuge operatives, pursuing their own schemes at the same time. Mischievous ones enjoy taking the form of reptoids, stirring anxiety about them as a distraction from the endiffian's plots. Old endiffians usually take pride in the latticework on their skin; those lacking them can easily find work as a diplomat or adviser.[1]