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Type Planet
Diameter 3/4x
Mass 9/16x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 1 year
Day length (PST) 18 hours
Inhabitants Embri

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 465

Embroi is a planet of gentle hills, violet stone and seas located in Near Space. It is home to intelligent molluscs, most notably the embri, and is secretly part of Hell's Material Plane empire.[1][2]


Embroi's landmass is divided into six continents: Demagallo, Irralo Kellad, Kanfrei, Chapru Von, Antikawarra and the Baskar Expanse. Demagallo, the most populated continent, serves as the planetary capital. Irralo Kellad is a land of iron mountains and factory-wrought boreholes. Antikawara is full of hot lakes, where the rich enjoy mineral baths. Chapru Von is mountainous, lacks resources and is used as a giant garbage dump. Kanfrei is a penal colony where slaves and intruders are worked to death in factories. The Baskar Expanse, the largest and least populated continent, was bombed into a wasteland long ago, leaving behind only ruins, ash storms and plague, and now serves as a bomb testing range.[2]

Embroi's continents are surrounded by an archipelago each, too regular in shape and placement to be natural, and are separated by violet seas. A vast network of underground routes exist, but knowledge about it has been forgotten since the infernal conquest.[1][2]


The malebranche Occhiorasoi has been the secret ruler of Embroi since the infernal conquest. Few embri, and even fewer offworlders, realise that their homeworld is a slave planet to Hell, as overt diabolic influence is minimal: the devils remain in the planet's shadow, secretly controlling embri society and labour to their inscrutable goals.[1][2]


The first race to establish a civilisation on Embroi were the peaceful yeddins. When the first embri crawled onto land from the seas, just intelligent enough to wield coral spears and cry of rage, the yeddins were no match for them, and the warlike embri soon conquered the yeddins and adapted their technology.[2]

Before the onset of the Gap, the malebranche Occhiorasoi conquered Embroi in the name of Asmodeus. Afterwards, the underground thoroughfares was erased from historical records as the devils chose them as their new domain.[1] During this time, the Baskar Expanse was ruled by the Baskar States, whose freethinking individuality was considered dangerous by the rest of Embroi. In the ensuing conflict, the Baskar Expanse was bombed into the stone age, and its population vanished.[2]


The embri, who hide their emotions behind masks, are the apparent dominant race of Embroi, and live in a totalitarian fascist society. Beneath the surface, levaloch armies, portals to Malebolge and sacrifice machines stir. Any visitor who learns about the devils' presence is sent into a prison-factory, never to return.[1][2]

Although most embri believe them extinct, a few enclaves of yeddins still exist, hidden on the highest mountains of Chapru Von. They hide their homes from everyone else save the most peaceful.[3]

Countless species of massive molluscs dwell in Embroi's amethyst seas, including the othinni. The delegations they send to the embri are often accompanied by sarglagons, suggesting that they are also influenced by Hell.[2]

The hiskorins were responsible for 'corrupting' the Baskar States with the taint of individualism. Although after the war, the devils abducted most Baskar citizens and brought them to the Baskar Fleshforge, no hiskorin could be found there, suggesting that they might have fled.[3]