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Eloritu's holy symbol.
Titles The Hidden Truth
Home Gemmenad
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio History
Worshipers Aucturn, Castrovel, Eox, Idari
Connections Akashic
Symbol Glowing ring of six runes
Images of Eloritu

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 485

Eloritu, also known as the Hidden Truth, is a deity of magic widely worshiped across the galaxy long before the Pact Worlds were established. His teachings suggest that magic is the only way to break the barriers of physics; that magic should be an obscure, arcane practice; and that history's value applies to both the past and future. While he does not oppose technology and views it as another way to see the universe's mysteries, he considers it too limited by the laws of physics.[1]


According to Eloritu's priests, he hails from a place called Gemmenad, of which only the name and nothing else is known.[1]


Eloritu is worshipped by many spellcasters as the god of magic, and by historians, kasathas and archaeologists who seek to understand the past. Many of them are Starfinders, whose work involves semi-regularly uncovering secrets. Eloritu's temples are also academies and institutions of magic, which are often hidden and have to be discovered by aspirants.[1]

Holy symbol

Eloritu's holy symbol is a ring of six magical runes, only four of which are known to the Pact Worlds as being related to races' magical traditions.[1]


Due to Eloritu's place as a god of history and secrets, some believe that he played a role in Golarion's disappearance and the Gap that masks why it vanished.[1]