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An elf technomancer.
Type Humanoid
CR By class level
Environment Any
Adjective elven
Images of elves

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 507
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Elves are a race of pointy-eared, long-lived, xenophobic humanoids native to Sovyrian, one of four continents of Castrovel. A significant population of elves also lived on Golarion before its disappearance during the Gap.[1]


Elves are lithe humanoids whose most distinctive features are long pointed ears and giant pupils that make their eyes look monochromatic. Thanks to their bond to nature, elves tend to subtly adapt the colours of their surroundings over years. Most elves stand 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 feet tall and weigh 100–150 pounds.[1]


In the Pact Worlds system, elves were the race hit hardest by the memory-erasing effects of the Gap. As the generations went by and the new members of the shorter-lived races, who weren't personally affected by it, moved on from the Gap, the elves lived on, broken and confused by the gaps in their memories. When piecing together pre-Gap history, elven leaders discovered that their race were betrayed by another during the Gap, yet the true culprit can never be pointed out.[1]

The angry elves across the system gathered in their ancestral homeland of Sovyrian and shut themselves off from outsiders, determined to never again be caught unaware. This sudden flood of refugees led to chaos, upheaval and resentment among many families on Sovyrian.[1]


Elves mature at 100 and naturally live up to 750 years.[1]


Elves are aloof, xenophobic and little understood by other races. Those that do not live in Sovyrian inhabit predominantly elven communities elsewhere. Elven starships almost always carry all-elf crews, who consider interacting and trading with inferior races a necessary evil and try to do so as little as possible; this stigma is not extended to half-elves, who are still accepted as Sovyrian citizens and serve as liaisons between elves and outsiders. The rare elves that live among other races are called Forlorn, and tend toward melancholy because of the extraordinary imbalance in life expectancy between them and their adopted families. The Forlorn are often treated with a mixture of pity and mistrust by other elves.[1][2]

Elves are whimsical and passionate among themselves but cold and unyielding towards outsiders, resolutely guarding the shores of Sovyrian. Among those without elven blood, only gnomes are allowed to live among them due to an ancient arrangement. Elves uncomfortable when interacting with outsiders are allowed to wear masks to hide their personal identity and transfer any dishonour to the masks; this practice is especially popular in official businesses outside Sovyrian, as it helps diplomats and soldiers present a unified elven state.[1][2]

Elves have embraced technology while keeping their traditional magical affinity, usually becoming mystics, operatives or technomancers. Many of the Pact Worlds system's strongest spellcasters are elves. Elven adventurers usually do so to recover lost magical lore or strengthen Sovyrian's strength.[1][2]

Elves are ruled by the High Families of El, who focus on defence and economic security, and impose strict export quotas on unique magical technology, Sovyrian's chief export, to ensure that elven goods remain rare and expensive. Individual settlements are allowed to self-govern, and many elves enjoy great freedom.[2]

Elves despise their drow cousins. While the Sovyrian government tries to maintain its neutrality, supposedly-rogue elven terrorists have occasionally assaulted Apostae to 'cleanse the corruption', leading to sanctions from the Pact Council.[1]