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World Castrovel
Region Sovyrian
Population 600,000
Demographics 90% elf, 9% half-elf, 1% other
Government Oligarchy
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Convocation of High Families

Source: Temple of the Twelve, pg(s). 44
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El is the ancient capital city of the elves, located on the Woven River, in the eastern part of the continent of Sovyrian in Castrovel.[1]


The Great Houses of the elven aristocracy, located next to the city's waterfall, are neighbourhood-sized and have been augmented with biotech and magical architectural advances. Dozens of canals, older than the Gap, crisscross the city. Between these ancient structures are modern skyscrapers, glass melded with trees. With river trade mostly abandoned, the docks have been converted to a spaceport and anti-air platform, while the river is now solely used by yachts and pleasure barges. Downriver from the docks stands the Arch of Refuge, a ruined aiudara that once connected to Golarion and now serves as a shrine for the memories erased by the Gap, where the monastic Adducai scholar-therapists seek to restore them through research and divination.[1]