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From StarfinderWiki
Type Monstrous humanoid
Environment Vacuum

Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 123
(Living starship)
Class Monstrous humanoid
Armament Super plasma cannon
Particle beam
Micromissile battery x2
Power Core Nova Ultra
Drift Engine Signal Basic
Tier 11
Affiliation The Swarm
Cargo Complement of troops
Transport shuttle

Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 123

Dreadlancers are immense colonial organisms consisting of Swarm components that serve as living starships for the Swarm. Each dreadlancer is built around a plasma cannon and possesses four brains which can repair the dreadlancer, self-terminate when captured or eliminate a potentially rebellious brain. A dreadlancer's components are not combatants, but it can carry troops and a living transport shuttle.[1]


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