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Dina III

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Dina III
Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 390 days
Day length (PST) 26 hours

Source: Huskworld, pg(s). 48

Dina III is a former Pact Worlds colony whose technology and majority of inhabitants were petrified by the so-called Medusa nanites following a Swarm invasion.[1]


Dina III has a mild climate and is filled with natural resources.[1]


When explorers from the Pact Worlds discovered Dina III, they found evidence of a long-gone civilisation that left behind crumbling stone ruins with many pillars. Within months, a bustling colony was founded. Most settlers left the ruins alone; the bravest ones reported eerie statue gardens, stone machines and piles of dust. Before more exploration could be done, the Swarm descended upon Dina III.[1]

The colonists fled into the ruins, the Swarm in hot pursuit. Spurred by aliens' presence, ancient magical machines activated, and under the same corrupted programming that destroyed their creators, they spread calcifying nanites that petrified all life and technology on Dina III. Left with nothing but stone, the Swarm retrieved a few components before departing.[1]

In some cases, the petrifying magic failed (especially in simpler lifeforms), leaving only technology turned into stone. As they awakened, the settlers found the Swarm mostly gone, while Swarm components found themselves unable to rejoin the hive mind.[1]


The settlers on Dina III have persisted, despite being unable to communicate with the outside world or leave the planet. They carve out a simple life for themselves while warning would-be visitors to turn back. The Medusa nanites have diminished but not completely, and are still able to petrify new arrivals, but those already affected are immune. Two missions have since come to Dina Alpha, the site of the colony, to investigate what happened to Dina III. The first team never made it out of the planet (although some members have recovered after being petrified), while the second one did, bringing reports of the nanites and unusual Swarm components.[1]

The remaining Swarm, most of them vicious vanguard components, have gone feral, attacking anything else they find. They have continued to stalk the surface, forcing the colonists to be constantly on the move.[1]

Hidden deep inside the Shapeless City, a grand ruin home to the wildest and most numerous Swarm components, is the Persid, an intelligent magical computer that could deactivate the Medusa nanites, but only if it is subdued or persuaded.[1]


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