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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Year of Scoured Stars, Fate of the Scoured God
Type Outsider
CR 14

Source: Fate of the Scoured God, pg(s). 81

Dhurus, the Master of Conquest, is one of the four heralds of Kadrical and leader of the jinsuls. Under its leadership, the jinsuls seek to forcibly bring the species that departed the Scoured Stars in the distant past under an empire with their priests as rulers. With the jinsuls' veneration, Dhurus has come to view itself superior to Kadrical and seeks to usurp his powers for its malign purpose.[1][2]


Dhurus appears as a gigantic jinsul with hundreds of eyes wearing a long liturgical vestment and proudly holding its long leg blades extended. Banners float around it, as if celebrating its victories.[3][4]


In the distant past, Kadrical sent his four heralds to the Scoured Stars to spread his teachings to the various species living there. They became his worshippers until they seized an opportunity to escape the Scoured Stars, having chafed at how Kadrical kept their home isolated from the universe.[5]

After the Tear sent by Kadrical to entice the jinsuls to return to the Scoured Stars was defiled, Dhurus was dispatched to their adopted homeworld Rax to bring them back to the fold. Horrified at how six jinsul warlords broke open the Tear to consume its divine energy, Dhurus riled the jinsuls into overthrowing them with promises of paradise in the Scoured Stars. As the warlords' stolen divine power kept them alive, instead of finding a way to destroy the apostates, Dhurus sought to punish them for eternity by affixing them to the prow of the jinsuls' greatest starship. With the jinsuls under its control, Dhurus exacerbated their aggression, xenophobia and fanaticism to unite their expanded military behind a singular goal: returning the scattered peoples of the Scoured Stars to Kadrical's fold under their leadership as his favoured subjects. It then ordered the jinsuls to set fire to the cities on Rax to demonstrate their commitment.[6][7][8][9][10]

Without the Tear, the jinsuls were only able to return to the Scoured Stars in 318 AG, when the Starfinder Society launched a mission to rescue the agents trapped in the Scoured Stars Incident. The jinsuls took advantage of the Society opening a way into the Scoured Stars by launching a full-scale invasion to reclaim their lost home system, and began fortifying it.[6]

In 319 AG, the Society and their allies invaded the Scoured Stars to confront Dhurus before it could claim Kadrical's whole power. With the help of the Kreihom Freehold and Kadrical's loyal herald Ailuros, they managed to defeat Dhurus, forcing the jinsuls to scatter.[10][11]


In the jinsuls' eyes, Dhurus is seen as more important than Kadrical himself, and its statue is depicted standing on Kadrical's holy symbol.[3]