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Dawnshore Spaceport

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The Dawnshore Spaceport, located in the bubble of Dawnshore, is the end of a tunnel that leads from the surface of the Pact Worlds sun to the Burning Archipelago where starships are protected from the sun's energies. For this reason, it is the only place in the Burning Archipelago where ships that cannot withstand the sun's energies can land, although those that can still visit it to benefit from the Dawnshore Spaceport's talented mechanics. Numerous con men and pickpockets prey upon travellers in the Dawnshore Spaceport, and attempts of the Church of Sarenrae to clear them out have been unfruitful. Equipment that protect one's eyes from the light is available at the Spaceport, but cost a premium compared to other places in the Pact Worlds.[1][2]