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Dawnshore is the central and largest bubble of the Burning Archipelago. It is home to the Radiant Cathedral, centre of Sarenrae's faith in the Pact Worlds system, and the Archipelago Senate, who governs the Archipelago as a whole.[1]


The tunnel that begins at the appropriate area on the surface of the sun and protects starships from solar heat leads to (and seems to emanate from) Dawnshore, meaning that most standard starships incapable of tolerating the heat will arrive at the Burning Archipelago via the Dawnshore Spaceport. At the centre of Dawnshore is the Radiant Cathedral, a spire that reaches to nearly the top of the bubble and was already a perfect temple to Sarenrae when the Archipelago was first settled. Dawnshore is connected to Asanatown, Chroma, Fireside, Stellacuna and Verdeon.[1][2]


The Church of Sarenrae maintains a strong hold over Dawnshore and can refuse entrance to it (and the Archipelago as a whole) to those without legitimate business in the bubble-cities, but have no wish to control the entire Archipelago as a whole. The Archipelago Senate Chambers, seat of the Archipelago Senate, is also located in Dawnshore.[3][4]


Dawnshore is the most metropolitan of the Burning Archipelago's bubbles. Cuisine is generally upscale, as restaurants have the easiest access to imported gourmet ingredients. Several theatres are located in Dawnshore, and their shows tend to take a political bent.[5] In Dawnshore, the discovery of the Burning Archipelago is celebrated during a jubilee known as Radiant's Founding that includes a large feast shared between residents and visitors, and often causes serious traffic jams around the Radiant Cathedral as the streets teem with celebrants.[6]