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Daegox 4

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Daegox 4
Type Planet
Diameter 2/3x
Mass 4/9x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 2 years
Day length (PST) 20 hours

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 464

Daegox 4 is a planet run as a massive private prison by the Daegox Corporation.[1]


Daegox 4's landmass is divided into two continents. One of them is filled with sprawling prison buildings, including a supermax complex where the worst offenders are jailed. The other is covered in lush forests and prairies, where low-risk prisoners are allowed to roam free. At its centre, near a river, is the Mountain, Daegox 4's administrative hub. The entire planet is covered in an invisible one-way membrane, and the only reliable way out is a portal deep inside the Mountain, which leads to one of a dozen worlds. The atmosphere carries a high concentration of a spore (possibly developed by the corporation) that calms non-Daegox creatures, rendering them agreeable and docile.[1]


Daegox 4 is run by the Daegox Corporation, run by mysterious humanoids who have not revealed their homeworld. Its leaders inhabit the Skywatcher orbiting Daegox 4, and accept prisoners from any government they deem legitimate. Some speculate that the corporation makes up the entire species, and Daegox 4 is their homeworld.[1]


Daegox 4 is mostly self-sufficient, and most of the Daegox Corporation's income comes from prison admission fees. The rest comes from prisoners bartering with the corporation, offering refined resources (and rumoured expert assassins and suicide soldiers) in exchange for items and information. The staff claims that large-scale conflicts and rebellions are non-existent, and no prisoner has escaped, but rumour has it that someone called the Wren has found a way.[1]