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Titles The Dusk Jewel
World Verces
Nation Vimal
Population 30,000,000
Demographics 55% verthani, 15% shirren, 10% human, 5% kasatha, 5% ysoki, 1% ryphorian, 9% other
Government Council
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Coalition appointed by Grand Assembly
A map of Cuvacara.
Images of Cuvacara

Source: The Penumbra Protocol, pg(s). 39

Cuvacara, also known as the Dusk Jewel, is the bustling metropolis capital of Vimal, one of the larger nations on Verces.[1]


Cuvacara is an orderly city organized in blocks, and elevated bullet trains can transport passengers around the city in a matter of minutes.[1]


Cuvacara is home to Verces' Assembly of Nations, where the Ring of Nations' government council meets to make policies.[1]


Thousands of cybernetics and computer corporations own offices and factories in Cuvacara. Experimental cybernetics are often available in the Dusk Jewel before they hit the wider marketplaces.[1]


Paizo published The Penumbra Protocol, an adventure in the Signal of Screams Starfinder Adventure Path, that is set in Cuvacara.

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