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Type Undead
CR 2+
Environment Any

Source: Empire of Bones, pg(s). 56
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Corpsefolk are undead corpses that retain memories, intelligence and free will from life. They were historically known as zombie lords, but as a common class of Eoxian citizens and Corpse Fleet soldiers they have been known as corpsefolk.[1]


A recently transformed corpsefolk looks like how they used to in life, with paler skin due to the lack of blood flow. Some corpsefolk are a bit more sunken and emaciated, depending on the interval between death and rise to undeath. Old corpsefolk grow tattered and torn: some resort to surgery and magic to keep their looks, but after a few decades most no longer care.[1]


Corpsefolk often make up the working class in undead societies. They can still experience emotions, keep their skills and abilities from life and can even gain new ones. Due to their undeath and freedom from basic needs, corpsefolk are generally much more patient than living creatures, and most assume their current positions are temporary, and as time passes, they will come into positions of power and influence.[1]

Corpsefolk are distrusted by most living creatures as walking corpses. Bone sages consider them barely higher than zombies, while other intelligent undead like vampires and ghouls view them as inferior creatures. Combined with how most corpsefolk were created to be servants, they rarely rise high in society. Eox is home to a vast corpsefolk population who toil as indentured servants to the bone sages and rarely get to interact with living Pact Worlds citizens.[2]