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Corona is a major trade bubble in the Burning Archipelago. It is dominated by the Brass Bazaar, a thriving and sometimes dangerous market full of traders from the Plane of Fire.[1]


Corona is connected to the bubbles of Fireside, Asanatown and Scintillatrix. For some reason, this bubble's solar shield at the top and bottom is weak, allowing the solar heat and radiation to leak inside: the average temperature is 105º F, and most humanoids require twice or three times as much water and are more vulnerable to sunburns. As a result, Corona is hard to live in and dangerous to visit without adequate protection.[2][3]


Corona is difficult to police, because of the power outages, radiation and unpredictable hot spots. For the most part, it is anarchic and only barely controlled by the various groups that have interest in it, from the bustling Brass Bazaar to the regimented Temple of the First Ones, the freewheeling Corona Artifact Divers and countless small groups.[4]


Despite (or because) of its lack of civil authority, Corona is home to numerous criminals and other ne'er-do-wells who fell through its cracks and have to survive through unconventional ways. Without building standards, its architecture is a chaotic mess.[3][4]