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From StarfinderWiki
Type Fey
CR 7
Environment Any

Source: The Rune Drive Gambit, pg(s). 57

Comanides are a species of fey born from comets.[1]


Comanides are born from comets and can live for centuries, often outliving the comet that gave birth to them. When moving, a comanide can transform into a comet-like form, trailing a dazzling plasma jet.[1]

A comanide wears an icy crown that emits light, protects it from fire and chills nearby non-comanides. This crown can be destroyed or stolen and worn by other creatures; on the head of a non-comanide, it emits light and protects the wearer from cold as long as the comanide lives.[1]


Over the course of their long lives, comanides often notice patterns in the movement of celestial bodies and mortal affairs, and telepathically communicate with people or visit planets that are at risk of falling to chaos. Those that heed the comanide's advice are often seen as prophets and shape long-term culture, and there are many ruins left behind by societies that ignored a comanide.[1]

Comanides are usually peaceful but can become angry when they aren't respected, their advice is ignored, or especially when their crown is touched.[1]