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Cerebric fungus

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Cerebric fungus
Type Plant
CR 3
Environment Any

Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 26
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Cerebric fungi are a species of intelligent, carnivorous fungi native to an unknown planet in the Vast. With a long history of spaceflight, they have colonised many solar systems, including the Pact Worlds system, specifically in Castrovel and Nchak.[1]


The typical cerebric fungus is approximately 4 feet in diameter and weighs 150 pounds. A cerebric fungus constantly scans the minds of those around it and project images gleaned from them.[1]


Cerebric fungi reproduce by budding. They can also grow fungal computer modules from specialised buds by adjusting their chemical mixture and timing. These computers can chemosynthesise their own power, but cannot be miniaturised and only has a telepathic UI. Attempting to read a cerebric fungus' mind risks being overwhelmed by its alien thoughts, and it can emit an indescribable shriek to nauseate foes.[1]


Cerebric fungi colonies on different planets debate philosophy and mysticism to perfect their shared understanding of the universe while also trying to outdo other colonies. They enjoy studying less intelligent creatures about esoteric points, or to spite other colonies. Cerebric fungi don't fully understand the needs of non-fungi and often ask endless annoying questions or conduct harmless but disturbing experiments.[1]

Since they developed spaceflight long before the Drift, the knowledge of cerebric fungi is vast, but can be hard for other species to understand, as necessary context might be seen as obvious or irrelevant by them.[1]


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