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Carrion dreg

From StarfinderWiki
Carrion dreg
Type Undead
CR 1+
Environment Any

Source: The Reach of Empire, pg(s). 55

Carrion dregs are undead spontaneously formed from parts of corpses discarded in places suffused with necromantic energies. They mindlessly hunt for body parts to add to their forms.[1]


Each carrion dreg is a horrifying amalgamation of severed limbs and heads arranged haphazardly around a rotting core of flesh and sinew. No two carrion dregs are identical, varying based on the limbs they scavenged.[1]


Carrion dregs are mindless and instinctually driven to grow by gathering and grafting heads and limbs to their bodies. They can cooperate with each other to hunt prey, but will quickly descend into fighting over the remains.[1]