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Carnivorous crystal

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Carnivorous crystal
Type Ooze
(earth, extraplanar)
CR 11
Environment Any (Plane of Earth)

Source: The Rune Drive Gambit, pg(s). 56
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Carnivorous crystals are a species of mindless oozes made out of crystals native to the Plane of Earth.[1]


Carnivorous crystals normally feed on minerals in the surrounding rocks, but can consume flesh in the same way as well. They slowly reproduce via fission if in an area with enough food. An active carnivorous crystal gives off infrasonic vibrations that nullify the vibration sense of nearby non-carnivorous crystal creatures.[1]


Carnivorous crystals are sometimes captured by technomancers who implant them with magitech that increase their aggression for a few days and drop them in breakaway containers to wreak havoc in the midst of enemy territory. After the implants burn out, they are either recovered for further use or left behind, so carnivorous crystals can sometimes be found in unexpected places.[1]