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Burning Archipelago

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Burning Archipelago
Inside the sun.jpg
Region Sun
Population 63,510
Demographics 45% human, 16% efreeti, 7% android, 5% ysoki, 27% other
Government Oligarchy
Alignment Neutral good
Ruler Archipelago Senate

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 12
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The Burning Archipelago is a collection of inexplicable and (until roughly a century ago) deserted bubble cities, tethered together by magic that somehow float unburnt within the sun's flaming corona.[1]


The Burning Archipelago is made up of several connected bubble cities, each with its own unique flavor.[2] Cities include the heavily religious central bubble of Dawnshore, containing the Radiant Cathedral of Sarenrae,[1] as well as the more corporate Fireside or scientifically-focused Stellacuna.[2]


The Burning Archipelago is a collection of self-governing cities.[2] Collectively, the Burning Archipelago is a self-governing Pact Worlds Protectorate, with the right to send non-voting representatives to the Pact Council on Absalom Station.[2]


The Burning Archipelago was discovered in 223 AG by Sarenite scholars orbiting and observing the sun.[1] Although it's still not known who, or what, originally built the cities or why they were abandoned, the bubble cities quickly became the Church of Sarenrae's most sacred settlement.[2]