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Broken Rock

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Broken Rock
Titles The Lost Ones
Type Asteroid
Diameter 450 milesx
Orbits Sun
System Pact Worlds system
Organization Free Captains

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 82
Broken Rock
Region Diaspora
Population 45,600
Demographics 41% human, 23% android, 22% ysoki, 14% other
Government Council
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Ruler Pirate Council

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 83

Broken Rock is the stronghold of the Free Captains, located on an asteroid in the Diaspora.[1]


Broken Rock is a 450-mile asteroid with a large, prominent crevasse dubbed Besmara's Smile. In order to protect it from law enforcement, only the Free Captains and their allies know the exact location of the Broken Rock, and it is also defended by an array of automated capital laser weapons known as the Broadsides.[1]


The Pirate Council, leaders of the Free Captains, meet at Broken Rock to discuss important matters: modifying the code of the Free Captains, settling disputes between individual pirates (usually through payments of money), and deciding what to do when rivals infringe on the territory of the Free Captains. The longest-serving member of the Pirate Council is 88-year-old Ceris Hightower, a mechanic and soldier respected by other pirates for her reputation for getting things done, who has resorted to cybernetics so she could continue to lead the Free Captains.[1]

When a member of the Pirate Council dies or retires, all Free Captains are invited to Broken Rock to vote for a replacement. Application lasts for a month, which is usually not enough for all pirates to make it to Broken Rock. Voting lasts for 3 months, and all votes must be cast in person. During this period, all candidates usually stay on Broken Rock.[1]


Broken Rock was colonised by the pirates some time during the Gap, and it has been growing since then.[1]


Broken Rock is the haven of the Free Captains, as well as smugglers purchasing their goods, mechanics repairing their starships, and casinos where they could gamble.[1]