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Brilliance Station
Titles Arch Energy Consortium Headquarters
Type Space station
Mass less than 1/100x
Gravity (Artificial) 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 30 days
Day length (PST) 6 hours
Orbits Sun
Images of Brilliance

Source: The Solar Sortie, pg(s). 3, 7
Region Pact Worlds
Population 5,457
Demographics 50% lashunta, 25% human, 15% android, 10% other
Government Oligarchy (Arch Energy Consortium board of directors)
Alignment Lawful neutral
Leader Ilia Tamm
Images of Brilliance

Source: The Solar Sortie, pg(s). 3, 6-7

Brilliance is a specially shielded space station in near orbit around the Pact Worlds system sun. Owned by the Arch Energy Consortium, it serves as the corporate headquarters, solar yacht port, and observatory.[1]


Brilliance is about 1 mile in diameter and is comprised of a spaceport at the bottom and six levels above it.[2]

Its lowest tier includes docking accommodations for a variety of spaceships, including tankers and solar yachts. Levels one through four above it house labs, office space, and recreational facilities. Retractable dimensional shields protect the solar observatory on the uppermost level from solar radiation and absorb energy.[1]


In addition to the corporate facilities, the station's fifth level is home to the Brilliant Arena, a converted auditorium that hosts Akitonian gladiatorial combat. Its roof is made of artificial transparent sapphire with a spectacular view of space.[3]

The Eclipse Lounge on the second level is a popular night spot with food, drinks, and a premium gas bar.[4]


Brilliance is home to more than 5,000 inhabitants, about half of them lashunta. Among the lashunta are Arch Energy CEO Ilia Tamm and her son, Envar Tamm.[5]