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From StarfinderWiki
Type Magical beast
CR 7
Environment Cold: Darkside of Verces

Source: First Contact, pg(s). 5
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Bloodbrothers are predators native to the Darkside of the planet Verces. They are feared for their ability to imprison prey inside their frozen bodies, slowly draining a victim's circulatory system of heat and nutrients.[1]


A bloodbrother is a worm-like insect with white fur and humanoid-like appendages, about 15 feet tall and 11 feet long. It has a bony cavity resembling a rib cage in its chest that can open to reveal a mass of thin, sucking tendrils.[1]


Most known bloodbrothers live on floating glaciers on Verces's Darkside, either alone, in pairs, or in clans of up to 7 members. While they appear to be as intelligent as most humans and can understand Vercite, they are incapable of speech. Their cold nature makes them vulnerable to fire.[1]

Bloodbrothers are not only adept to living in extremely cold environments, they also generate intense cold, draining heat from anything that comes into contact with them. They are physically strong and violent, slamming their prey in order to enclose it in their rib cage and drain its heat for months by inserting their tendrils into their prey's circulatory system and using them in a manner similar to an auxiliary heart. Bloodbrothers heal their wounds faster than most other creatures.[1]