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Battle robot

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Battle robot
A battle robot
Type Construct
CR 6
Environment Any urban (Azlanti Star Empire)

Source: The Rune Drive Gambit, pg(s). 60

Battle robots are a model of robots mass produced by the Azlanti Star Empire as disposable combat drones.[1]


Battle robots are designed in the shape of Aeon Guards with exposed gears and pistons, like the ancient clockwork Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki. constructs that the Azlanti once built on Golarion. Each battle robot has a slot for an aeon stone on its forehead, as well as a disintegrator beam built into one of its arms.[1]


Battle robots are completely loyal to the Star Empire and explode when destroyed, usually when near enemy soldiers, making them invaluable as expendable cannon fodder. They are programmed to be physically unable to attack an Azlanti human, but can be fooled by exceptional disguises, a flaw which Azlanti scientists seek to remedy.[1]