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Diameter 1x
Mass 1x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere None
Year length (PST) None
Day length (PST) None
Inhabitants Undead
Organization Corpse Fleet

Source: Splintered Worlds, pg(s). 61

Barrow is a rogue planet housing the largest of the Corpse Fleet's shipyards.[1]


Barrow is a barren, airless rock orbiting the galactic core directly. A continent-sized chunk of Barrow, dubbed the Fracture by Corpse Fleet grunts, floats a few hundred metres from the planet but is still held in place by gravity, and contains remnants of the failed experiment that created it.[1]


The planet that would become Barrow was ejected from its sun untold millennia ago. Any life on this world, if there was any, died out. It was discovered by Eoxian scouts shortly after the advent of Drift travel and marked as a possible future colony by the bone sages, but any colonisation plans were forgotten after the signature of the Absalom Pact and the foundation of the Corpse Fleet.[1]

A few decades ago, the Corpse Fleet stumbled upon records of the rogue planet, built a base on it and named it Barrow. Since it is constantly on the move, Corpse Fleet command doesn't see the need to dismantle it like many other factories.[1]

When top Corpse Fleet scientists devised a plan to direct Barrow's movement with massive thrusters and Drift engines, it resulted in an explosion that destroyed most personnel involved and created the Fracture. After the catastrophe, Commodore Knarstov, a veteran necrovite, has taken command of Barrow. She has enacted strict guidelines curtailing the work of the resident scientists and technicians in order to avoid repeating the previous catastrophe, and seeks to exceed the annual quota for building new vessels.[1]


Barrow hosts a massive shipyard, perhaps the largest one in the Corpse Fleet's possession. When it passes near a viable target, fighters are launched directly from Barrow without the need of carriers or transports. The Fracture is home to several strange, grotesque entities that seem to phase in and out of reality. While normally harmless, in numbers they begin to drain the negative energy animating the undead, causing the Corpse Fleet to mark the Fracture as off-limits.[1]


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