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Early stage barathu
Type Aberration
CR By class level
Environment Any sky (Bretheda)
Adjective barathu

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 20-21
Type Aberration
CR 5
Environment Any sky (Bretheda)

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 20-21
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Barathus are the most populous and most politically powerful race of Bretheda. They are capable of rewriting their own DNA, making them extremely flexible and adaptable.[1][2]


Barathus are soaring, translucent, blimp-like and bear a vague resemblance to jellyfish.[1]


Their ability to reconfigure their fundamental biological structures allows barathu to produce custom materials from their own bodies. Such creations can range from simple tools to complex viral and chemical creations.[2]

Barathu are also capable of joining consciousnesses, which they use to form super-intelligent collective entities comprised of millions of individuals. These colonies have unique consciousnesses independent of their zooids until they are disbanded after the need or threat has passed.[2][3]


For most of their history, barathus have had little need for formal government due to their peaceful nature and ability to merge, except when they have to overcome an immediate challenge. Left to their devices, barathus are usually content to sing and dance in the skies of Bretheda. Nevertheless, they saw the need of an overarching structure to prevent other peoples from falling into anarchy, leading those barathus who felt the call of public service to merge into Confluence, a hyperintelligent collective that governs Bretheda as a whole. Confluence's policies are usually liberal, providing social protections and wide personal freedoms while harshly punishing violent crime.[4]

Other species usually have a difficult time understanding barathus, as the concept of 'self' is somewhat nebulous due to their frequent mergers. Barathus who grow up among humanoids tend to better appreciate the mindsets of creatures with static, solitary configurations. These early stage barathus are more adventurous and individualistic than older ones, but have a difficult time merging with others due to their adaptation to humanoid mindsets. Most early stage barathus eventually grow out of this phase, but there has been an increasing number of those who do not.[3]

Due to their unique traits of biological synthesis, barathus are quite successful in the Pact Worlds economy, and their understanding of wealth and trade is largely influenced by this ability. Some barathus collectives operate corporations that facilitate interplanetary trade in biotechnology, a field dominated by them. The oldest barathus often permanently merge with massive conglomerates that serve as corporations, governments or cultural repositories.[2][3][4]

The Dreamers of Liavara are descendants of barathu colonists who lost their intelligence and ability to merge while their psychic powers improved. Barathus regard their cousins with reverence and protectiveness, leading to their insistence on administering Liavara as a protectorate in the Pact Worlds.[5]


Many barathu worship Oras, deity of evolution, as an extension of their traditional conscious control over their physical forms.[6]


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