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A bantrid.
Type Aberration
CR By class level
Adjective bantrid
Images of bantrids

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 210

Bantrids are a race of unusual creatures that recently awoke from stasis on Hibb, one of Liavara's shepherd moons.[1]


A bantrid's lower half is a single spherical foot, covered in partial sheaths. Bantrids move by spinning their foot-orbs using countless cilia on the underside of these sheaths, making them fast on flat surfaces and hard to trip. Their upper torsos are striped and column-shaped. Bantrids are headless, noseless and anosmic: their ears and eyes are located in the middle of their torsos, under small mouths containing few teeth. Near the apex of their torsos, bantrids have a pair of large, hand-like appendages with thin fingers.[1]

Bantrids are sexless and reproduce via budding. Young bantrids cannot move and take 5 months to mature.[1]


Less than 5 years ago, the bantrids' mysterious tall towers rose from the surface of Hibb (which has never been colonised by any other race), from where the bantrids emerged, having slept in stasis for aeons before being woken by their computers. They do not remember why they entered stasis at the first place, and have no idea about the Pact Worlds system's political climate because of the Gap. It is theorised that they either were hiding from an imminent threat, or that they were the first sentient species in the system and went to sleep to wait for others.[1]


Bantrids are curious about the galaxy and the other sentient species, leading them to rush into situations without full understanding. Bantrids cannot sit still for any length of time or else they start to experience a sensation similar to claustrophobia that causes them to hyperventilate and pass out. Bantrids quickly write off those who don't accept them and move on.[1]