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Azlanti Star Empire

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Azlanti Star Empire
Type Government
Leader Star Imperator, currently the twin Ixomander scions
Headquarters New Thespera
Goals Subjugation of all worlds
Scope Multi-system
Members Humans and conquered races

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 463, 495
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The Azlanti Star Empire is a multi-system government near the Hydra Nebula of the Vast that also somehow has ancient ties to Golarion.[1]


Using magical portals, pure-blooded Azlanti humans of Golarion's empire of Azlant Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki. settled distant New Thespera millennia before the Gap. After Azlant's destruction, the colonists were stranded from their homeworld, and instead set to conquering their new world and system using their superior magic and technology. After the Drift was revealed to them, they swiftly expanded their empire to neighboring star systems, founding the Azlanti Star Empire.[2] To this date, humans of the Azlanti Star Empire consider those pure-blooded ancestors to be the universe's superior race.[1]

A Starfinder Society scout ship exploring the Vast made first contact with the Star Empire in 269 AG, and the Star Empire promptly destroyed it. Every interaction between the known galaxy and the Star Empire since then has ended in similarly efficient and overwhelming violence — no ship has survived direct contact with the Star Empire, including two Pact Worlds diplomatic envoys.[1]

The Star Empire easily conquered the Veskarium colony of Najin-Korozayas, unknowingly built near Star Empire-controlled space, only 10 years after first contact with the Star Empire. Its entire population was either enslaved or slaughtered.[1]


The Star Empire controls twelve star systems, including:

All non-Azlanti races on these worlds are considered second-class citizens at best, and many are enslaved.[2]


The Star Empire is governed from New Thespera, home of the Aeon Throne that serves as the seat of power. The empire's supreme leader is called the Star Imperator, a role filled for the last two millennia by the Ixomander dynasty, including the current twin-sibling Star Imperators.[2]


The Star Empire's fleet rivals the combined strength of the Pact Worlds and Veskarium, and their gem-augmented aeon troopers are known for their ruthlessness.[1]