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Autonomous Exploration Vehicle

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Autonomous Exploration Vehicle
Class Racer
Manufacturer Compiler Enterprises
Armament Mining laser
Power Core Micron Light
Drift Engine Signal Basic
Tier 1/3
Crew 1
Affiliation Aballon (Those Who Become)

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 154

The Autonomous Exploration Vehicle, abbreviated AEV, is the most common model of Aballonian starships. Each is piloted by a single anacite that is often created and programmed to fit inside of and operate a specific vessel. These anacites are typically transferred to other bodies after completing their mission, which for most involves searching for new worlds for Those Who Become to colonise.[1]

Although capable of acting autonomously, most are controlled by a bigger Group Defense Frigate. Their controls are often entirely digital, and they lack an atmosphere, personal comforts, or a proper defensive system.[1]