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From StarfinderWiki
Type Outsider
(chaotic, evil, native)
CR 10
Environment Any

Source: The Ruined Clouds, pg(s). 56

Atrocites are mysterious, powerful servants of the Devourer who mastermind destruction on large scales and are unquestionably obeyed by all Devourer cultists.[1][2]


Each atrocite has a unique form roughly similar to that of an intelligent species, ranging from humans to the bizarre creatures of the Dominion of the Black. In place of eyes, the atrocite only has empty voids, and each of its hands (if it has any) holds a fanged mouth that speaks of destruction. A gray haze forms above atrocites, constantly crackling with red energy and serving as the source of their void bolts.[1][2]


Atrocites are powerful outsiders whose native plane cannot be determined. According to some theologists, they form in the void between galaxies or in the accretion discs of black holes consuming stars. Others hypothesise that they were once mortal Devourer cultists who were granted power by their patron after committing enough destruction. What is little known about them is that they can exist perpetually in a vacuum and teleport vast distances.[2]

Atrocites wander the Material Plane and prefer to establish Devourer cults and help existing cults with abnormally massive acts of destruction, instead of doing so directly. An atrocite remains with a cult only as it can increase the power of recruitment and destruction of the cult, leaving as soon as possible to further spread its omnicidal gospel. Atrocites are the only authority figures that Devourer cultists obey without question, and are responsible for organising such large groups of anarchists into working in tandem. Different atrocites never work together.[1][2]

Cultists sometimes smuggle atrocites into population centres to spread the Devourer's cult, but they work alone just as often, either teleporting over vast distances or using planar travel.[1]