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Type Aberration
CR By class level
Adjective astrazoan

Source: Starfinder Pact Worlds, pg(s). 209

Astrazoans are a race of seven-limbed shapeshifting aberrations who might have originated from Apostae.[1].


In their true form, astrazoans look like starfish with cartilaginous skeletons, jelly-like flesh and seven limbs each. Their eyes are located in the middle of each limb. Astrazoans can imitate the appearance of almost any other creature with the same size by spontaneously changing the shape and pigment of their flesh. Being capable of forming both male and female reproductive organs, astrazoans are hermaphrodites.[1]


Astrazoans have no records of their origins, but it is usually assumed that they first emerged during the Gap. Research has discovered a remarkable similarity between the DNA of an astrazoan volunteer and DNA samples of the ilee, the natives of Apostae who supposedly went extinct during the Gap. It is suggested that the astrazoans might be the descendants of those ilee who genetically transformed themselves to face an extinction-level threat.[1]


Astrazoans are very few in number and most of them live scattered on Absalom Station, Castrovel or Verces, blending in with the local populace to make them more comfortable, aware that their true form might be disconcerting to humanoid races. Having lived as humans, lashuntas or verthani for centuries, astrazoans have little of their own culture.[1]


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