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Type Planet
Diameter 1/2x
Mass 1/8x
Gravity 1/2x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 902 days
Day length (PST) 27 hours

Source: The Blind City, pg(s). 62

Astevint is a planet in the Vast that shines its own light into outer space.[1]


Astevint orbits a dying orange star. Its natural stone is charged with a strange energy that emits photons without energy, so the planet perpetually glows like a dim star and has no concept of night. Stones removed from Astevint lose their illumination after a time depending on their density: the densest ones can last as long as a month.[1]


Ancient brass ruins can be found across Astevint's coastlines, and it is theorised that their long-lost builders might have had a hand in turning the planet into a glowing lantern.[1]


Astevint is home to abundant plants, particularly clover and a massive, broad-leafed fern. They draw illumination from Astevint's glowing soil instead of from its distant sun; because of this, they grow most densely in rocky soil and their leaves are low to the ground and inverted. Low-lying shrubs are the healthiest, while tall plants are often stunted and twisted, as a result of having to subsist on the sun's dim light. The rare beacon trees emit light from their tall trunks, allowing it to shine past the ground cover. If removed from Astevint and fed and watered, they can keep their bioluminescence for a year.[1]

Physicists that specialise in esoteric optics maintain research bases located near beacon tree groves, where they work with botanists to study Astevint's illumination. Other than them, the planet's only intelligent inhabitants are violent, nomadic, perpetually-addled bryrvaths, who grow fat on the glowing soil and refuse to communicate with others. It is unknown if they are immigrants or descendants of Astevint's natives.[1]


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