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Type Planet
Diameter 3/5x
Mass 1/6x
Gravity 1/3x
Atmosphere None or thin
Year length (PST) 553 years
Day length (PST) 15 days
System Suskillon system
Inhabitants Trinirs, ashypsozoans

Source: The Forever Reliquary, pg(s). 62

Ashypso is the sixth planet in the Suskillon system, a frozen world with an oblong orbit.[1]


Ashypso has a highly elliptical orbit. Near its apoapsis, the entire planet, including the atmosphere, freezes solid; the gases that do not are trapped within those that do.[1]


For most of its orbit, there were no signs of life on Ashypso: few creatures could endure its airless, frozen surface, and no expedition managed to discover the secrets hidden underneath. Since the Gap erased most records on the planet, no one or nothing could recall Ashypso's inhabitants or contents, but all had a vague feeling of something concealed beneath the ice. Storytellers dreamt of a civilisation not unlike Triaxus, whose inhabitants are adapted to wide variations in climate, while doomsayers claimed that doom would follow Ashypso's thaw.[1]

In 319 AR, as Ashypso approached its star, its atmosphere began to melt and evaporate, revealing bizarre settlements hidden under the ice, inhabited by bird-headed, half-mechanical humanoids that call themselves trinirs. As air moved over their enclaves, the trinirs awakened to numerous mysteries, in an unfamiliar galaxy with dreams of space travel but no memory of their history.[1]


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