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World Sun
Population 5,292
Demographics 83% lashunta, 5% human, 4% android, 3% ysoki, 2% half-elf, 3% other
Government Elected council
Alignment Neutral
Leader Ada Belel

Source: Fire Starters, pg(s). 39

Asanatown is a bubble in the Burning Archipelago, connecting Dawnshore with Corona and populated almost exclusively by lashunta immigrants. They pretend to be a typical ethnic enclave and have enough local industry, but their focus is clearly on something else: their weapon stockpile is too large for their small population. Asanatown is home to the Church of the Burning Mother, a Sarenite sect separate from the Radiant Cathedral in Dawnshore.[1]


Initially, after the Burning Archipelago was discovered, few lashuntas came there, and most settled in Stellacuna to teach and study in the Solar University. In 288 AG, a year after the end of the lashunta-formian war on Castrovel, a large number of lashunta soldiers, released from duty, chose to put their old skills to use on frontiers like the sun. General Malonio Kam, a taciturn, practical leader, was chosen to be their spokesman.[2]

In 296 AR, the lashuntas in the Burning Archipelago all started to telepathically sense an unknown threat that no one else could. Their warnings were unheeded by the other residents of the Archipelago, including the shirrens, who were equally telepathic. Their frustration over this led to riots in Solar University; although no one died, many were injured, and popular opinion turned against the lashuntas.[2]

As the lashuntas in the Burning Archipelago adopted a paranoid mentality and began to be seen as disruptors, Malonio Kam led them to establish their own ethnic enclave. The plan was approved by the Archipelago Senate, and with the help of the Sarenite priestess Ada Belel, Kam christened a then-unsettled bubble-city Asanatown, and founded the secular government while Ada Belel consecrated the Church of the Burning Mother; the corporations that previously had claims and interests in the bubble were instead offered lucrative contracts on Castrovel.[2]