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Type Planet
Diameter 2/3x
Mass 4/9x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Thick
Year length (PST) 244 days
Day length (PST) 30 hours
Inhabitants Ilthisarians

Source: The Thirteenth Gate, pg(s). 44

Arshalin is a marshy planet in the Vast fractured by massive artificial pieces of metal called worldshards.[1]


Arshalin is a marshy planet beneath a dense atmosphere. In low-lying areas, the fog sometimes concentrates into toxic sumps. Impregnable ultra-dense steel plates, miles high and hundreds of miles long, protrude from Arshalin's surface. These randomly scattered worldshards form misshapen lakes, odd valleys and segmented coastlines, distort the climate and ecology, and are treated as natural landmarks by the natives.[1]




Thousands of years ago, an immense megastructure crashed into Arshalin after having fractured into massive fragments, which came to be called worldshards. The impact devastated the existing ilthisarian civilisation, but they slowly recovered and now have a sophisticated, advanced society.[1]


The dominant intelligent species on Arshalin is the serpentine ilthisarians. Alongside their mammalian ethesk slaves and the saurian birds, they are the only species that regularly travel around the worldshards. Other species, separated by the massive metal plates, have diverged and speciated, creating massive diversity, including useful plants and animals unknown on any other planet. As a result, offworlder scientists and Xenowardens are common in ilthisarian cities.[1]