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Titles The Abbey Maker
Home Abbey of Nevers, Shadow Plane
Alignment Lawful evil
Portfolio Possibility

Source: The Penumbra Protocol, pg(s). 47
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Aroggus is the first velstrac to coalesce in Hell, the creator of their race, and the demagogue responsible for leading them out of Hell to the Shadow Plane.[1]


Aroggus coalesced in Hell from the first depraved thoughts of the earliest mortals, long before the devils existed. The gods, astonished by Aroggus' power and hideousness, chained him to Hell. Aroggus, knowing the folly of rebellion but unwilling to accept his imprisonment, learned the first truth of the velstracs: one must never accept weakness.[1]

Aroggus spent ages developing himself until he freed himself and realised the second truth: one must always strive. Hell responded by chaining Aroggus back and further torturing him, but he knew that he succeeded. Thus the third truth: pain is the reward of victory.[1]

Aroggus continued to forge his willpower over ages of pain until he ceased resistance, tore his chains from Hell and took them for himself, learning the fourth truth: willpower honed to perfection is power beyond compare.[1]

Gazing upon Hell, Aroggus saw fertile, imperfect material, and discovered the fifth truth: perfection must be imposed upon anything unwilling to seek it. He then cut into Hell's quintessence to create more velstracs in the same way he created himself, and tortured them in the same way Hell tortured him, learning the sixth truth: the quest for perfection must be propagated through pain until weakness is purged; and later the seventh truth: pain is a guide to the self and the perfection thereof, but it cannot liberate—liberation is achieved only through an application of will in which resistance ceases and suffering along with it.[1]

As Aroggus created more children, the velstracs left him to explore, and their discoveries revealed the eighth truth: there are limits to what one might discover alone—revelations and inspirations can be found in the works of others.[1]

When Asmodeus led his army of exiles from Heaven to conquer Hell, the asura rana Geryon betrayed its own kin to aid the devils. Aroggus led his children in their exile from Hell to their new home in the Shadow Plane. There, he raised the Abbey of Nevers, where the velstracs could hide forever if necessary. Since then, Aroggus has become one with the Abbey, indulging in delusions of retribution and perfecting the one true revenge against the devils.[1]


Aroggus spends his time devising and simulating the perfect way to take revenge against Geryon and the devils that displaced his people out of Hell.[1]