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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Yesteryear's Truth
World Elytrio
Nation Kolleo
Population 18,430
Demographics 100% membrane ghibrani
Government Oligarchy
Alignment Neutral
Demonym Ghibrani
Ruler Most Elevated

Source: The Thirteenth Gate, pg(s). 46

Arkeost is a ghibrani city in the southern hemisphere of Elytrio.[1] Arkeost relies on technology develops before the ghibrani nuclear war from just over 300 years ago, which its current inhabitants have trouble using or controlling. [2] The city has been wracked with power outages,[3] and its central tower is off-limits to gibranis based on tradition.[4]


A powerful force field spared Arkeost from the brunt of the nuclear war that ravaged Elytrio just over 300 years ago, but many died when shifting wind currents subsequently carried radiation into the city.[5]