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Titles The Manifold
Home Shadow Plane
Alignment Lawful evil

Source: The Penumbra Protocol, pg(s). 50

Anyalaritus is said to be a place (or an ideal being) where (or in which) flesh and technology have become one, and frailty, impurity and suffering do not exist. According to the velstracs of the Mouths of Anyalaritus who worship it (her), Anyalaritus defies description, and one must experience it (her) to understand it (her); these velstracs see themselves as speaking for Anyalaritus and opening doors to it (her), and believe that the ultimate fate of the galaxy, if not the entire Material Plane, is to become part of their 'paradise'. Velstracs outside the Mouths seek Anyalaritus and speculate that it (she) is a velstrac demagogue who ascended during the Gap.[1]


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