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Class Ultranought
Manufacturer Blackwind Engineering
Armament Mass drivers x3
Ultra plasma cannon
Negative-energy cannon x4
Quantum missile launcher x2
Gravity cannon
Power Core Heavy Titan
Drift Engine Signal Basic
Tier 20
Crew 3000
Affiliation Eox

Source: Empire of Bones, pg(s). Inside Covers

The Annihilator is an Eoxian ship of the line manufactured by Blackwind Engineering. As the flagships of their navies, Annihilators are always guarded by a flotilla of smaller ships and rarely risked in big battles, seeing more use against small fleets, as mobile headquarters, or to defend institutions.[1]

Known Annihilators

All known operational Annihilators were built before the Gap:[1]

Due to the lack of demand, the only Annihilator built after the Gap has been abandoned and left incomplete by Blackwind.[1]